Access to Honke Bankyu in Yunisigawa-onsen, Nikko


Access by train and bus

Map from Narita & Haneda Airport

Access by Train and Bus

  From Haneda or Narita airport to Honke Bankyu ,it is convenient using Tobu Railway’s new Limited Express from Asakusa Station to Yunishigawa-Onsen Station. Then from Yunishigawa-Onsen Station visitors can go to Honke Bankyu by bus.
  Please be aware of the time because there are little buses in Yunishigawa-onsen. Visitors should leave the train from Asakusa by 2:30 pm at the latest. Because that train connects to the final bus at 5:10 pm toward to Honke-Bankyu from Yunishigawa-Onsen Station. Please be careful that a taxi needs a reservation in advance, they usually do not wait for visitors at Yunishigawa- Onsen station. We would like you to call us when you will arrive at our hotel after 5:30 p.m. in advance. Because Our Dinner usually starts at 6 p.m.
  Honke-Bankyu is in Nikko city, but the Nikko city is very wide. Nikko Shrine, a World Heritage Site , to Honke Bankyu is approximately a 1-hour-and-30-minute ride by train or bus, but due to the complicated transfers involved. So we recommend visitors to sightsheeng around Nikko on their return from our hotel instead of on the day of stay from Tokyo. For details, please see the timetables of the train and bus of this website.

  Please enjoy a pleasant journey with smooth transportation.

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