Cuisine Dinner

All lodging plans include dinner featuring locally-sourced ingredients grilled in the famed “irori” fireplace style as well as Japanese traditional “kaiseki” style culinary creations using seasonal ingredients. Spend a blissful time around a warm hearth eating freshly-seared delicacies and drinking locally-brewed saké.

“Irori-yaki” consists of fresh river fish, and other grilled items in season plus wild fowl dumplings (“isshobera”) kneaded in local miso paste and “sansho” (Japanese pepper).
“Kaiseki” is traditional Japanese style, multi-course dinner featuring elegant creations of dishes utilizing fresh ingredients, with courses generally consisting of aperitif , appetizer , sliced sashimi , savory items , simmered seasonal foods , pickled dish, other seasonal tempura and hot pot cooked ingredients, rice, soup, pickled vegetables and dessert.

Upgrade dinner

Tochigi wagyu beef has been selected numerous times as Japan’s best in marbled quality. It is served to guests choosing a upgrade dining and room. Please enjoy with the kaiseki-course dish and grilled pottery in the hearth.

Famous local beverages include: “takezaké” (served in a bamboo container), “nigorishu” (a sweet, unfiltered saké variety that is smooth yet strong), and many kinds of fruit liquors.

Dinner Place

Cross the Kazura Bridge and slip into Japan’s ancient past. Awaiting you on the other side is a hidden Heike guesthouse with a sumptuous feast.
Dinner is served around an “irori” open hearths within a provincial farmhouse ambience of the “Heike Hidden Guesthouse” where you, loved ones and important guests can experience a sumptuous banquet evoking a primal nostalgia.
Private rooms for divining are available to guests staying in rooms with private open-air baths, long-term guests and small groups.


Our famed breakfast, which has graced the cover of “The Best Breakfast Inns” magazine, is buffet style featuring wild vegetables for a tasty, healthy and well-balanced meal.

Try our grated yam and local buckwheat noodles and 16 varieties of beans cooked in our jeweled okowa steamed rice or our thick medicinal congee with pine nuts, handmade tofu, Japanese mugwort dumplings, and healthy and fresh “blessings of the mountain” edibles. Your body will rejoice!Meals can be taken in the river-facing “Hekiryutei” and “Kaikotei” restaurants on site.