Hot Springs Bath

HonkeBankyu's hot spring dates back some 800 years as a continuous flow-from-source, “kakenagashi” type. You can almost reach out and touch the fish swimming in the river as you blissfully relax in an outdoor open-air bath that feels like you’re part of the river, communing with nature as you feel the liberation of mind and body. You’ll feel a silky gloss to your skin upon bathing in the “metasilicic acid-rich, bihada no yu” (beautiful skin bath) and feel the energy of nature recharging and revitalizing you, washing away all your fatigue and stresses of daily life in the privacy of chartered open-air and indoor baths for both men and women in three locations.

Public Hot Spring Indor Bath & Open-Air Bath

Public Hot Spring Bath

・“Kindachi no Yu” [Indoor bath for Men] natural continuous flow hot springs bath built of granite and Towadaishi (stone) and combined with the scent of Japanese cypress to relax the body and mind.
・“Fujikura no Yu” [Open-air bath for men] An open-air natural hot spring bath . Bathe amid breathtaking natural beauty with the river in arm’s reach.
・“Kodakara no Yu” [Indoor bath for Women] natural hot springs bath famous since ancient times as a “Kodakara no Yu” (“kodakara” meaning to be blessed with many children). The interior is made of aromatic Japanese cypress with the bath itself made of stone.

“Bihada no Yu”[Open-air bath for women] verdant riverside natural hot springs bath, and rich in metasilicic acid known to aid in beautiful skin.

Private Open-Air Hotspring Bath

Guests can reserve exclusive use of a rustic, riverside “kakenagashi” rock bath with capacity of 4-5 people, allowing you to commune with the natural beauty of the Yunishi River rapids.

Private Open-air Hot Spring Bath

After arriving at the hotel and checking in, you can make a reservation for a private open-air bath. The price is one thousand yen (excluding tax) in 45 minutes for a bath.Exclusive use of open air baths run from 3 to 11 p.m.

Guest Rooms with Private Open-air & Semi Open-air Bath

Open-air “kakenagashi” rock baths big enough to comfortably hold 2-3 people. These room-attached open-air baths offer stunning riverside views.